2021 Ford F-150 Police Responder: Pickup with higher top speed

The 2021 Ford F-150 Police Responder has the same 3.5L twin-turbo V6 available to civilians, but it has been retuned for a higher top speed.

As with the generally available 3.5L twin-turbo V6, the Police Responder has 298kW (400hp) and 678Nm (500 lb-ft), AWD, and a 10-speed auto.

The better Goodyear 265/70R18 Wrangler Enforcer all-terrain tires, and the removal of the speed limiter increase the top speed from 107mph (172km/h) to 120mph (193km/h).

The FX4 Off-Road Package is standard, and includes an electronic locking rear axle, skid plates, improved dampers and Hill Descent Control. There’s also one switch to turn off all collision prevention technology to allow the pickup to nudge another car.