2020 Toyota Yaris GR: Crazy 200kW (268hp) turbo I3 hatch not for US

The 2020 Toyota Yaris GR is fucking mental with a 1.6L turbo I3 making 200kW (268hp) and 370Nm (273 lb-ft), chunky fenders, AWD and a 6-speed manual.

But, get ready to cry, it’s not coming to the US because we’re not getting this Yaris. Instead we have a Mazda 2 with a botched facelift.

Let’s all move to Japan or Europe (or the UK) so we can buy one.

Beyond the insane power, 6-speed manual and fuck off styling, the Yaris GR has a unique 2 door body (all the other regular Yarises are 4 door models).

Weight is kept to a reasonable 1,280kg (2,822 lb) as the hood, doors and tailgate are made from aluminum, and the roof is carbonfiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The GR-Four AWD system has a Torsen LSD for the front and rear axles, and an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch for the center differential. It has three mode settings: Normal, Sport and Track.

18″ wheels are standard with 225/40 (front) and 225/40 (rear) tires. The front suspension is MacPherson strut, and the rear is double wishbone.

Pre-orders are available in Japan until June 30. The RZ First Edition is ¥3.96 million (US$36,400), and the RZ High-Performance First Edition is ¥4.56 million (US$41,900).