2020 Subaru Levorg previewed by prototype, looks sexier than before

The Subaru Levorg is a mild to hot turbo wagon based on the Impreza. Sadly it’s not sold in the US, but there will be second-gen car for Japan and Europe.

At the Tokyo Auto Show (yes, sorry, we’re a little late with this), Subaru unveiled the Levorg Prototype, which is basically the new car due in 2020.

It has sexier and more expressively styling, as well as a new 1.8L turbo boxer 4-cylinder with direct injection and lean burn technology. AWD will probably be standard, and hopefully it will be offered with both a manual and CVT.

The EyeSight system has been upgraded to include high definition stereoscopic cameras and four radar units, and the ability to drive itself in heavy stop and go traffic.