2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV: Electric minivan previewed by concept car

What’s got eight seats, an electric powertrain, good range, and is based on a popular van? The Mercedes-Benz EQV concept.

The production version of the Mercedes-Benz EQV will be presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September this year, and should go on sale in Europe in 2020.

The EQV concept has a 150kW (201hp) electric motor for the front wheels, and a 100kWh battery pack for a WLTP range of around 400km (249mi). Top speed is 160km/h (100mph).

Using a fast charger, 15 minutes of charging will give the EQV an extra 100km (62mi) of range.

The concept van has a unique EQ grille with blue lighting, new headlamps, a new front bumper, and blue exterior and ambient interior lighting. The van uses 19″ wheels.