2020 DS 9: Sexy french luxury saloon is made in China

DS says the new 9 is a “nod” to the Citroen DS, but it’s just a nice luxury saloon made in China and fitted with plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Based on the China only Peugeot 508L, the DS 9 is built in China and will be sold around the world.

In Europe the launch engine by a E-Tense turbo plug-in hybrid with a total of 165kW (222hp), including an electric motor with 80kW (107hp) and 320Nm built into the 8-speed auto. This FWD model has a 11.9kWh battery, a WLTP EV range up to 50km (31mi) and a top speed in electric mode of 135km/h (84mph).

A 184kW (247hp) FWD E-Tense model will be available later in Europe, and at launch in China.

The range topping model will have 265kW (355hp), AWD, and a semi autonomous Level 2 stay in lane driving mode. A 165kW (221hp) turbo gas option is also coming.

The interior has Nappa leather all over the dashboard, watchstrap style seat features with pearl stitching, Alcantara for the roof lining and sun visors, crystal style touch sensitive buttons, BRM clock, active scan suspension, automated parking, 5-mode active headlights, smartphone key, and night vision.

Goes on sale H2 2020.


Length: 4.93m | 194.1″
Width: 1.85m | 72.8″
Wheelbase: 2.9m | 114.2″