2020 BMW X2 xDrive25e plug-in hybrid is sporty & green

The 2020 BMW X2 xDrive25e has good power (162kW / 217hp), good performance (0-100km/h in 6.8s), and an EV range of 53km (33mi).

The AWD “coupe SUV” has a 1.5L turbo I3 with 92kW (123hp) and 220Nm (162 lb-ft), and an electric motor with 70kW (94hp) and 165Nm (122 lb-ft).

Top speed in hybrid mode is 195km/h (121mph), and top speed in EV mode is 135km/h (84mph).

Standard features include 40/20/40 split fold rear seats, LED headlamps, 17″ wheels, and two zone climate control, and different bumpers to other X2 models.

The X2 xDrive25e has a new Phytonic Blue paint option, and can be optioned up with most of the equipment available on other X2 models, including the M Sport styling package.

Prices begin from €47,250 (US$52,355) in Europe..