2019 Volkswagen Atlas dumps 2L turbo I4 for 3.6L V6 in all but one model

The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas will only be offered with a 2L turbo I4 in the base S trim, with the more popular 3.6L V6 standard on every other trim.

CarDirect has seen the spec sheet for the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas in the US, and it says the 235hp (175kW) 2L turbo engine will only be available on the S, which starts at US$31,890 including destination.

This allows the Atlas to be priced below the 4-cylinder Toyota Highlander (US$32,375) and turbo Ford Explorer (US$33,360).

In a weird quirk, the S is optionally available with AWD and a V6 for US$$35,090, but the cheapest FWD V6 is the SE which starts at US$36,490.

Source: CarsDirect