2019 Lincoln Nautilus vs 2016-18 MKX: Facelift differences and changes

The second generation Lincoln MKX has been given a new face and a new name, but just how different is the Nautilus? See in this side-by-side comparison.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus - front, whiteNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKXMKX
The biggest change is at the front, where the Nautilus has a new bonnet, headlamps, bumpers and, of course, Lincoln's one-piece grille design.
2019 Lincoln Nautilus - new grille, headlampsNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKXMKX
The MKX and Lincoln's old split grille is no more, replaced by a chrome heavy unit similar to the one on the new Continental. It has a slight horseshoe shape, and the pattern is formed by a seemingly endless set of Lincoln logos laid next to each other.
2019 Lincoln NautilusNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKXMKX
The shape of the LED headlight units is rounder, softer and more organic, and no longer blends into the grille.
2019 Lincoln Nautilus - sideNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX - side and rearMKX
Aside from the slightly changed front fenders, no other body panels have been touched in this facelift, although the plastic lower cladding for the lower portion of the Nautilus does seem to be darker than the MKX's.
2019 Lincoln Nautilus - rearNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX - rearMKX
The tail-light graphics have been redesigned with a greater emphasis on the LED elements, with white, grey and silver taking over from the MKX's predominantly red design.
2019 Lincoln Nautilus - interior, dashboardNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label Muse interiorMKX
The dashboard and interior design remains pretty much the same as before, with a column of buttons along the centre console allowing you to select P, R, N, D and S for the automatic transmission.
2019 Lincoln NautilusNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX interiorMKX
In the centre, though, there is some really good news. Goodbye hard to use MyLincoln Touch! Hello much better Sync 3 infotainment system!
2019 Lincoln NautilusNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX - interior, dashboardMKX
The Nautilus is now available with a configurable digital screen in place of the older set analog dials flanking a multifunction display.
2019 Lincoln NautilusNautilus
2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label Thoroughbred interiorMKX
In keeping with Lincoln's new design language and nomenclature, the Nautilus has chrome spear on the front doors and fenders with its name imprinted on it. Hopefully that'll mean no more arguments about just which Lincoln you own.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

2016-2018 Lincoln MKX (second generation)

faceliftfirst generationlincolnmkxnautilussecond generation
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2019 Lincoln Nautilus vs 2016-18 MKX: Facelift differences and changes