2019 Jeep Cherokee vs 2014-2018: Facelift differences compared

The KL Jeep Cherokee has been given a big facelift for the 2019 model year. We compare it side by side with 2014-2018 model to see what’s changed.

2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - front, Trailhawk, red2019 F/L
2014 Jeep® Cherokee World Debut2014-17
Despite selling well, Jeep has listened to complaints, and significantly redesigned the opinion splitting front end design. The updated model is more in line with the newer Compass, and definitely less controversial.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - new black Trailhawk grille2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited - half slanted grille2014-17
The controversial grille treatment, with the upper half of slats slanted back has been toned down. Behind the lower, more conventional grille is the existing 180hp/134kW 2.4-liter I4, or 271hp/202kW 3.2-liter V6. The 270hp/201kW 2-liter Hurricane turbo I4 is a new addition to the range.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - new headlamps, grille, bumpers2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited - nose2014-17
The 2018 Cherokee facelift ditches the controversial split headlamp treatment, which features a prominent thin upper brow with LED driving lights, and a disguised main and high beam section lower down the bumper. The updated car now has a more traditional setup with lights very similar to ones used on the smaller second generation Compass.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - rear, Limited, silver2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited2014-17
The rear has also undergone significant surgery. The tailgate has been modified to house the license plate, meaning the original version's vast expanse of blank space has been eliminated. The bumper is still predominantly gray/black, but it's got some more chrome now.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk2014-17
The taillamp graphics have also been redesigned, with a more family feel.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - interior, two tone, silver, dashboard2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited - interior2014-17
Interior changes are minor compared to the outside. Seat trims have been changed on some models.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - uConnect2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited2014-17
The silver fake metal trim has been toned down, and some of the plastic surrounding gear shifter, vents, and infotainment system have been toned down, and look more realistic. The uConnect infotainment system has been upgraded to the latest version.
2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift - steering wheel2019 F/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited2014-17
There's more realistic fake metal on the steering wheel, and some of the buttons have been redesigned.

2019 Jeep Cherokee facelift

2014-2017 Jeep Cherokee

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2019 Jeep Cherokee vs 2014-2018: Facelift differences compared