2017 Suzuki Swift vs Jaguar F-Type: Differences and similarities side by side

OK, no-one’s really going to cross-shop a Suzuki Swift and Jaguar F-Type, but there are some design similarities between the two, and it’s kinda fun to compare such a mismatched pair.

2017 Suzuki Swift SZ5 - front, blueSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport - front, silverF-Type
When the new 2017 Suzuki Swift was released, some wags, including myself started comparing the front-end design of the small hatch with the far more expensive and luxurious Jaguar F-Type.
2017 Suzuki SwiftSwift
Jaguar F-Type convertibleF-Type
I mean, just look at the headlights and the grille shape on both the Swift and F-Type, especially with the pre-facelift F-Type seen in this photo. OK, they're similar-ish.
2017 Suzuki Swift SZ5 - rear, blueSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport - rearF-Type
Sorry, no similarities out back.
2017 Suzuki Swift - side, redSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type R coupeF-Type
Apart from featuring wheels, tyres, doors, windows and metal, there are few similarities along the flanks.
2017 Suzuki Swift Sport - front, yellowSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic convertible - front, grayF-Type
With the turbocharged Swift Sport, and its beefed bumpers and upside down grille, the differences between the Swift and F-Type grow yet further. Although the Sport is a little bit closer in terms of performance.
2017 Suzuki Swift SportSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic convertibleF-Type
As of October 2017, Suzuki doesn't offer a convertible version of the Swift. So there's another point to the F-Type.
2017 Suzuki Swift SportSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type SVR coupe - interiorF-Type
There's sign of quilted diamond leather on the Swift, and the dashboard design is definitely more utilitarian, but there are some common-ish features. The steering wheels both have a large circular boss, the instrument panel features large circular speedometer and tachometer units, and the air vents are circular in both cars. Oh, and both vehicles are available with a manual transmission.
2017 Suzuki SwiftSwift
2018 Jaguar F-Type SVR convertibleF-Type
Where the Swift really wins out is space and accommodation. The Suzuki can seat five, the Jaguar just two. In the UK, the Swift starts at just £11,499, while the F-Type kicks off at £49,900, or four Swifts and change. You could launch an Uber empire with that money!

2017 Suzuki Swift

2017 Jaguar F-Type

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2017 Suzuki Swift vs Jaguar F-Type: Differences and similarities side by side