2017 Infiniti Q60: Production begins of V36 G coupe replacement

Nissan has begun production of the Infiniti Q60 coupe at its factory in Tochigi, Japan. The Q60 replaces the V36 G coupe that debuted in 2007.

Since the Infiniti brand was launched in 1989, the Tochigi plant has been one of main sources for the Nissan’s luxury brand.

For the Q60 coupe, Nissan invested in some upgrades for the factory, including a stamping facility that can produce the Q60’s world’s first hybrid trunk lid, which has a resin skin on a steel frame. There’s also a dedicated paint booth of the Q60’s Dynamic Sandstone Red paint, and upgrades for the factory’s quality control measures.

Out of the factory’s 4,500 workforce, Nissan has selected 216 Takumi or master craftsmen to work on the Q60 production line.