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2016 Tesla Model S: New all glass roof option, P90D dropped

The Tesla Model S has been given another small update with a new all glass roof option added, and the P90D has been deleted.

The new all glass roof option is priced at US$1,500, which has no crossbar joining the two B pillars for an unbroken view of the sky. The panoramic sunroof, which retains the bar between the B pillars, is priced at US$2,000.

Tesla has also updated the drivetrain options available in the Model S and Model X, with the P90D deleted from both the sedan and minivan lineup.

That means there’s now a US$45,000 gap between the Model S 90D and P100D, and US$40,000 between the Model X 90D and P100D.

The Ludicrous Mode upgrade is now standard on the both the Model S and Model X P100D.

Via Elektrek