2015 Fiat 500 1957 Edition Cabrio goes deeper into retro, shows its age

The retro-styled Fiat 500C has given extra lashings of retro with the new 1957 Edition Cabrio, which has just on sale in the USA.

What does a car company do when it has no new exciting product up its sleeve and plenty of older, once highly desirable items still marching into showrooms? Spruce it with a special edition, of course!

And Fiat Chrysler are nothing if not masters at the special edition game. Some special editions, like the Hellcat versions of the Challenger and Charger, are truly worthy additions. Others are just plain desperate.

The Fiat 500 1957 Edition Cabrio falls somewhere in between.

The 1957 Edition Cabrio starts at US$24,700 and features retro Fiat badging, 16-inch alloy wheels with a retro body-color design, and brown and ivory leather interior.

Like the regular 500C, the Cabrio features a sliding canvas roof that stretches from the windscreen frame to where the rear window normally resides on the trunk.

Powering the 1957 Edition (both Cabrio and hatchback) is a 1.4-litre Multi-Air 4-cylinder engine with 101hp (75kW) and 98 lb-ft (133Nm). Power is delivered to the front axle via either the standard 5-speed manual or optional 6-speed auto.


Length: 139.6 inches (3,546mm)
Width: 64.1 inches (1,628mm)
Height: 59.8 inches (1,519mm)
Wheelbase: 90.6 inches (2,301mm)