Toyota C-HR concept to preview sub-RAV4 SUV

The Toyota C-HR concept, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show, will provide hint as to the look of the company’s upcoming Auris-based sub-RAV4 SUV.

Considering that Toyota practically invented the affordable car-based SUV segment, it’s peculiar that the company doesn’t have an offering below the RAV4, especially when competitors are already duking it out (successfully, too) in that space.

Anyway, it should prove to be better late than never. The Toyota C-HR concept will feature a hybrid drivetrain, although the company isn’t saying much more than that at the moment.

Development mules have been spotted doing laps of the Nurburgring wearing Auris (Corolla hatchback) bodies and sporting chunky tyres and jacked up suspension.

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Derek Fung

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