Ford B-Max axed: RIP small minivan with sliding doors, no B-pillar

The Fiesta-based Ford B-Max has been axed, meaning fans of small minivans with sliding doors and cars with no B-pillar have one fewer option.

The B-Max is being shuffled off in favor of the EcoSport, which will be built in its place at Ford’s factory in Craiova, Romania.

Yes, another minivan is being axed in favor of an SUV. These are the times we live in.

Launched in 2012, around 225,000 B-Max minivans have been sold in Europe. During the same time, Ford sold around 1.5 million Fiestas.

The B-Max was never sold in the US, and the EcoSport looks as though it will replace the Fiesta here, where the subcompact hatchbacks are as popular communism.

Sources: Automarket, The Truth About Cars

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Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson

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