2018 Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV: Tucson replacement to be named at CES

The car with no name will get one at CES 2018, and it replaces the old fuel cell car based the previous generation Tucson/ix35.

Although it’s a lot of meh, the new Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV looks way better than the 2017 FE Concept (below) that it came from. So that’s good.

The powertrain has been improved with a new 120kW (161hp) electric motor. The new generation hydrogen fuel cell stack is cheaper to make, and can start at temperatures as low as -30C (-22F)

Efficiency is up to 60 percent from the Tucson/ix35’s 55.3 percent. And driving range is estimated to be 800km (497mi) by the NEDC standard or 580km (360mi) in Korea.

The SUV has a biofriendly interior. Its advanced driver assist features and name will be revealed at CES 2018.

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Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson

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