2017 Nissan Micra vs Renault Clio: Differences in photo comparison

The new K14 Nissan Micra and Renault Clio IV are built in the same factory in France. See how different the two superminis are in this side-by-side gallery.

K14 Nissan Micra - front, orange, studioMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - front, yellowClio
The new K14 Nissan Micra, which went into production in December 2016, and the updated Renault Clio IV, which was introduced back in 2012, now bot ride on the same platform. The previous-generation Micra, the K13, ran on a Nissan-only platform.
K14 Nissan Micra - rearMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - rearClio
Visually, the K14 Micra and Clio IV share similar looking side window lines, including hidden rear door handles, but all the exterior panels are unique, and the two cars run on slightly different wheelbases (see dimensions below).
K14 Nissan MicraMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - interior, dashboardClio
With the K14 Micra being new for 2017, and the 2016 Clio update being just that, the Micra's interior looks more modern and upscale than its Renault sibling.
K14 Nissan MicraMicra
2017 Renault Clio GT Line - front, blueClio
The Micra has a small engine range with a naturally aspirated 1-litre petrol engine with 52kW (70hp) and 95Nm (70 lb-ft), a 1.5-liter turbo-diesel with 66kW (89kW) and 220Nm (162 lb-ft), and a 0.9-litre turbo I3 gas engine with 66kW (89kW) and 140Nm (103 lb-ft).
K14 Nissan MicraMicra
2017 Renault Clio GT Line - rear, blueClio
The Clio has Micra's engines and a few more besides, including a 1.2-litre petrol, lower powered versions of the diesel, and the 1.6-litre turbo 4-cylinder for the 147kW (197hp) RS and 162kW (217hp) RS 220 Trophy. The Clio is also available with an automatic in some models, the Micra is 5-speed manual only.
K14 Nissan Micra - steering wheelMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - steering wheelClio
Both the Micra and Clio are front-wheel drive only.
K14 Nissan MicraMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - RS Vision chequered lightsClio
The Renault Clio RS can be had with these cool chequered-flag-style LED fog lights.
K14 Nissan Micra - interior, dashboardMicra
Renault Clio RS (IV facelift) - infotainment systemClio
Both the Clio and Micra have large touchscreen infotainment systems with their own interfaces. The Micra supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Micra Dimensions

Length: 3,999mm | 157.44 inches
Width: 1,743mm | 68.6 inches
Height: 1,455mm | 57.3 inches
Wheelbase: 2,525mm | 99.4 inches
Boot volume (seats up): 300L | 10.6 cu-ft
Boot volume (seats up): 1,004L | 35.4 cu-ft

Clio Dimensions

Length: 4,062mm | 159.9 inches
Width: 1,732mm | 68.2 inches
Height: 1,448mm | 57 inches
Wheelbase: 2,589mm | 101.9 inches
Boot volume (seats up): 300L | 10.6 cu-ft
Boot volume (seats down): 1,146L | 40.5 cu-ft

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